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QuickBooks is an online service provided by us on this website, including content, updates, and new releases and it includes by reference available on the website. The service is protected by trade secret, copyright, and other intellectual property laws. You are granted the right to use the service. By accepting electronically like I Agree, accessing, installing or using the services, you agree to all these terms and conditions. Until termination of this agreement and as long as you meet any applicable payment obligations and follow with this agreement. If any information provided by you is incorrect, untrue, not current or incomplete, we have right to terminate your account.

QuickBooks reserves the right to refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, that in its sole discretion, undesirable, unacceptable, inappropriate or in violation of these terms of service. The use of any services available through the website may be subject to your acceptance of separate agreements with QuickBooks. We will communicate with you by email, phone or by posting a notice on this site.Notice, disclosures, agreements and other communications that we provide to you by electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communication is in writing.

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